Assisting ELL students in Elementary school

This video will give you great ideas on how to best build a students vocabulary! Love the sticky note labels the ELL student post around the room when learning the words around her.


Seven Teaching Strategies for Classroom Teachers to ELL

In the article, “Seven Teaching Strategies for Classroom Teachers of ELLs,” by Judie Haynes she addresses seven strategies to help teachers meet the needs of all the students in their classes and to help make the mainstream classroom more inclusive for ELLs. These strategies will help all students as well!

  1. Teachers need to speak more slowly, use gestures and body language to get across the meaning to ELLs.
  2. Make lessons visual.
  3. Link new information to prior knowledge.
  4. Determine key concepts for the unit and define language and content objects for each lesson.
  5. Modify vocabulary instruction for ELLs.
  6. Use cooperative learning strategies.
  7. Modify testing and homework for ELLs.

For more information and details on the seven strategies click the link below:

New Adventures: Grad School and Baby Ngaiza to be!

babyannounce4babyannounce2babyannounce3I am really looking forward to my new adventures in my life! I have begun my Master’s for Teacher Leader with an Endorsement in ESL in the same year Edwin and I are expecting our first baby! I am really looking forward to blogging again and sharing teaching strategies with others. I have had some great experiences working with ESL students while teaching in Kongiganak, Alaska and now at Western Middle School. It will be great learning new strategies and sharing what I know!

alaska alaskaclass walrus

The pictures above are; Native Alaskans showed Amanda, another teacher, and I how to hunt duck, my 4/5 split class, and the walrus the village caught and brought to shore to have a feast!