Five-Minute Film Festival: Culturally Responsive Teaching

The changing racial and cultural landscape of America is certainly a much-discussed topic — some researchers studying U.S. Census data and demographics even say that America could be a ‘minority majority’ country as early as 2050. While the barriers between countries continue to come down, and globalization continues, how can teachers address the needs of students from a variety of cultural backgrounds and upbringings? This collection of videos introduces culturally responsive teaching (CRT), and includes some techniques that you can use to help students from diverse backgrounds succeed together.

Source: Five-Minute Film Festival: Culturally Responsive Teaching

How to Advocate for Your ELLs

elladvocacy“This amazing guidebook is the latest tool in our advocacy arsenal for educators, families, and community members who need practical strategies and step-by-step instructions on fighting for the rights of ELL students. English Language Learners deserve the same right to a great public-school education as their English-speaking peers. They deserve access to a rich curriculum and validation of their home language and culture. They deserve educators who are trained to teach them, schools that welcome their families, and fair funding. They deserve an education community that shares a sense of urgency and responsibility for their well-being. They deserve the best we have to give them. These are America’s students, and the nation can’t afford to let them down.”

A complete guide, free to download:  How Educators Can Advocate for English Language Learners ELL_AdvocacyGuide2015

Source: How to Advocate for Your ELs